Juan Matos Capote - Trumbra

from Angry Mountain by Various Artists



I recorded the original short volcano sound file into a cassette tape. I played the cassette tape through a Walkman which I modified so it could be played at slower speed (you get bassier sound and a longer phrase). The cassette tape with the original volcano sound file in the modified Walkman was played through 2 speakers where I placed on each a contact mike (which registered the slower and bassier volcano sound). I connected the 2 contact mikes to my mixer. The result was a mixture of the original volcano sound file sounding bassier, at slower speed, longer...and the trembling sound of the contact mikes placed on top of the speaker cones while they captured the original sound file being played slower and discontinuously through the modified Walkman..

I also played the cassette tape with the original volcano sound through a small amp to which I connected a contact mike that worked as a speaker, and below this mike I placed another contact mike (this time it worked as a mike) connected to my mixer. What I got in this way was the feedback type sound.

Trembling comes to my mind, as a feature of the volcano power, and as part of the making and recording of the sound piece (trembling of the mikes recording the volcano sound on the speaker cones) for this project...


from Angry Mountain, released November 5, 2021


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