Transcendigitalism - a compilation of esoteric drones

by Various Artists

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a collection of drone-based works conceived and recorded in altered states of consciousness. Packaged in a black digiipak sealed with a sticker, a CD and an information insert card.


released May 25, 2017

track 1
project name: Lucid Nation
title: Effaced
composed by: Maldonado, Pontiac, Spivey
(c) 2016 Lucid Nation

track 2
project name: Martijn Comes
Title: Specular Light, Diffused Light
(c) 2016 Martijn Comes

track 3
project name: Rag Dun
title: Taktsang Palphug at Night
(c) 2015 W. David Oliphant

track 4
project name: Ethernet
title: Sigils
(c) 2016, Tim Gray

track 5
project name: Deeper Than Space
title: Izanagi
© 2016 Adam Douglas / Dope Computer Music

track 6
project name: Kristina Wolfe
title: Somewhere in the Past
(c) 2016 Kristina Wolfe

track 7
Cave-Witch, Grass-Witch, Star-Witch
Music by Layla & Phil Legard
Vocals, grass reeds and electronics
(c) 2016 Hawthonn

track 8
project name: Michael Northam
title: Solar Throat
(c) 2016 orogenetics

track 9
project name: Kris Force
title: The Mirror
© 2016 Kris Force
created with Max msp, Buchla 100 and Moog 3P
additional Buchla and Moog performance by Kevin McKereghan

track 10
project name: Chasny/Metcalfe
title: Quarternary
(c) 2016 Chasny/Metcalfe

Producer: Kim Cascone
Cover Artwork: Phil Legard
(p) 2017 Silent LLC - dba Daathstaar



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The reboot of America's premier ambient label, founded in 1986 by Kim Cascone

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